Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Working On It Wednesday #14

I know I've missed a few weeks here, so thanks for not giving up on me! It's been a bit hectic having the hubs home for three weeks after his back surgery--which went wonderfully well and he started back to work in record time! And Bug 'n I are wrapping up summer with final back to school preparations: clothes and supplies shopping, hair cuts, just fun excursions...Add on top of that running, training for my first 10k this fall, and rowing training for a race at the end of September...there's not been time at all for playing on the computer much. I'm hoping to get back into my regular arting routine once kiddo starts school again next week--I'm anxious to paint and have several projects lined up already!

I have managed to draw up some Scripture doodles here--my most recent batch:

Continuing in my Love series

I just started reading John...

Needs something doodled in the space on the left...

more Love
A bookmark I made for my bloggy friend, Dawn :)
So it's not been a total wash these past few weeks of recuperating and running around like mad! Still playing with mail art and want to do more explorations of mixed media envies...But, there's still a few days left of summer to play, so maybe, just maybe we'll be heading to the beach...yes!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back again soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #13

Where is this year flying off to?? We have almost a week post-surgery under our belt and Mr. Patient is recovering nicely. I have him up and walking as much as possible during the day and am so thankful for our neighborhood plan. The streets all loop and interlock creating myriad possibilities of walking/running adventures for as long and as far as you could want to go without ever coming close to the main road that runs below us. Our own little street is in the heart of the plan and forms a quiet, squarish loop. Monday we walked up the shorter length. Yesterday morning we walked the opposite direction for the longer length--okay, maybe it's more of a rectangular loop...Then yesterday afternoon Mr. Patient felt well enough to walk the full loop and today we will venture out to the next street that loops around our inner sanctum. He's even managed some brave steps indoors without his cane--which scares the devil out of me with both dogs running around, anxious to love on Daddy after he'd been gone in the hospital for four terribly long days...I am surprised and thrilled that he's doing so well. Now if we could get his appetite back up to where it should be to help him regain more strength, then I'll be even more pleased. The pain meds he's on have zapped his desire to eat, and whatever he does try to nibble on seems to taste too salty (it's not the cook, salt never touches our food anymore!) But, we'll take just one day at a time and be thankful for how well he is recuperating after such an extreme procedure!

So, after being gone for all that time at the hospital, I didn't think I'd have too much to share for this week's post-but I did manage to get a few doodles done:

Another lyric doodle--I just wish the previous page hadn't bled through so much...

Reading in Luke right now

Inspired from my perpetual calendar
And Sunday our baby girl turns 27! I made a little card for her gifties-this is just the sketch up...forgot to take a pic before I tucked the actual card in the brain is so scattered this week...

So that's the week's offerings. I'm beginning to contemplate just what I might want to do once kiddo and Mr. Patient head back to school and work--there's a couple online classes I'd like to try along with my stash of books here that I need to get back to...We'll have to wait and see what fancy hits me, I suppose...For today I'm off to go rowing this morning--it's been almost two weeks since I've been out on the water and I miss it!! My lovely rowing friends volunteered me for another racing team in September--are they great, or what? Can't wait--need to get some practice in and we just might take a win this time!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by--have a great week, go do something summery! Hope to see you back here next Wednesday!

Until then,