Monday, February 23, 2015

Mailbox Monday #7

I had another quiet but very inspirational mail week. Monday, of course, was a holiday, and Tuesday we were still recuperating from the latest snow storm, so that was three days in a row of no mail--gah!! Alas, Wednesday made up for it when I found this bonus stash filling my mailbox:

Sweet Mail Delight!!
First, a belated Christmas giftie from my friend, Dawn! An adorable journal, cute, cute cards of the family and a super fabulous Sharpie pen (I had to include the box knife in the pic since Dawn super taped the box shut! Haha!)
A stash of Valentine goodness from Eileen:
And this beautiful geniusness:

I love mail art. Seriously and truly. I've been piddling around with pretty handmade envies and fussy lettering, but it's not all out mail art. Brian's work totally inspired me to knuckle down and MAKE ART again. Brian is @sirlapsley on Twitter and Instagram if you want to give him a follow--great stuff!

So, I made a couple art cards over the weekend:
One is winging its way to Brian...
And in other mail this week, an outgoing envie to my friend Beth:
Who in turn sent me this lovely envie and letter:

 And so I replied with this Animalia envie:
Oooo--a Harry stamp!!
 And a couple watercolor and resist cards I made during Sunday's bout of insomnia:
Super fun to do!
Now I'm all caught up on mail but have a few lettering projects to work on today--yay! But first it's time to get the Bug up and ready for school, scrounge up a little breakfast and visit the treadmill for a quick run--gotta get the day under way!
Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WOIW #19

Just a quick post this morning before I head down to the treadmill for a run. I don't have much to show for my week--been a bit busy shoveling snow every day...But I did get called to do a painting job which was a whole of fun last week. A friend of a friend has a painting business and a particular client had asked if they could have their mantel painted to match their living room furniture. Since this was a little out of their wheelhouse, they offered the job to me and I jumped on it--I love that kind of work!

Before, the furniture to match, and after:
Nothing super complicated, a fun morning that paid really well, and who knows--it could possibly lead to more such opportunities??
First the weekly Pen+Peplum #52handlettered prompt--every day essentials:
And one quick Scripture doodle--I must've had a quiet prayer journal week....but I did get a second set of Scripture bookmarks done for the Blueberry Loft Etsy shop. I've sold a few sets on there--it's always great to get those sales confirmation emails from Etsy!
I'm planning on lettering practice for a while--I really need to work on my's just not what I want it to be yet. Practice makes perfect!! So, run, shovel, a couple errands, then lettering--not a bad day, eh? Thanks for stopping by--have a great warm and cozy day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mailbox Monday #6 and Neptune

If you know anything about me, you know I love snow and a good blizzard is just my thing--everything completely blanketed in snow, the world covered in white as far as the eye can see. But Neptune has been one vicious storm. I don't know how much snow it dumped on us--I do know I've been shoveling over four foot drifts, trying to toss snow on banks above my head. The wind chill is killer cold. Just listening to it whipping around the house and through the trees feels ominous and honestly a bit worrisome at times. A few pics from shoveling yesterday--and I haven't even made it to the street...
Their previous path had been obliterated, Tuck couldn't find his way off the patio.

Abort mission.

Maybe a tag team effort is a better ploy...

Pea almost couldn't turn herself around....minor pile up on the way back in...

Our fence is just about gone--and that's not from the snow plow--the bank from the plows is beyond the fence--and they haven't even gotten close to our street yet
That's a whole lotta snow...

I don't know what this guy was thinking--he was tearing the nesting stuffings out and chewing on the holes--like, you're still not gonna fit yourself in there, dude! Leave my sparrow babies alone!!
But, it is Mailbox Monday today! I wouldn't be getting any mail again today even if it weren't a holiday...I've not gotten mail on a Monday for over a month now because of the repeated snow storms!

One little incoming from my friend, Beth. I've gotten more than that this week, this just happened to be the only pretty decorated envie:
Beth is the washi queen!
And now I need to head back out into the bitter cold to try to make some headway to the actual road if Bill's gonna make it to work today...I hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty!! Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WOIW #18

Only a quick couple of pics this morning (makes me wonder what I've been up to all week--not taking pictures, at least!) First, a bookmark for my Blueberry Loft giveaway:

Then Pen+Peplum's #52handlettered prompt this week is to do a love quote, so this is in my prayer journal this morning:

I have a list of prompts sitting idly by...perhaps I need to quit goofing off with the mail so much and refocus my attention on more productive matters...For now, it's time to run. Have a great week!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mailbox Monday #5

 It's not been a bad week for mail here. I've had several pretty envies coming and going:

Incoming from Tracy and Beth--from our Snail Mail Society, and a Postal Society swap from Singapore.

A cute matching card and envie from Denmark
Incoming from the Netherlands and outgoing to Sweden

Outgoing to India--not only does this girl have the longest name I've ever heard,
her address was crazy complicated!
A street next to a hotel...?? Seriously--that's how her addy reads...
We'll see if it makes it there!
Front and back of Alex's envie heading to the UK--we both love Frenchies!
Playing with her name is always fun!

And outgoing responses to Beth and Tracy--Beth's a pink tie die envie for Valentines and Tracy's, below, a copied page out of Graeme Base's Animalia

Last but not least, a lovely lettered envie for a blog contest winner at my friend, Dawn's blog.
I have a few of my own entry winners to mail out this week as well!
February's Month of Mail is well under way! I've sent out one or two letters and cards each day so far and I hope if you're playing along, you're keeping up with the challenge as well! Everybody loves happy mail! Have a great week! School is cancelled again as another 6-12" of snow is heading our way...looks like I'll be shoveling today! Cocoa, jammies, and the Walking Dead! After mail of course!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

RJD #48

I'm running  a day behind here this week. I haven't been feeling 100%, my neck and shoulder are giving me grief. I really need to go rowing but the harbor is a sheet of ice and it's been too bitter cold to be safe out on the water. So, we sits...Instead, I went and had all my hair chopped off yesterday (what happens when I have entirely too much time on my hands...) But, I like it!! I was way overdue for a new look. Mister loves it, Little Mister hates it--but he always hates my hair, so this is nothing new. Now I'm tossing around color ideas--and not plain, neutral browns or blonds to blend my ever increasing greys, but possibly a super vibrant red--or purple! Something artsy and daring...It is only hair, after all! We'll see...Good heavens, I really need to row!

So, it is (the day after) Random Journal Day over at Enthusiastically, Dawn's. Her guest this month, Jeannie Pallett, is offering a giveaway if you wanna pop over and check it out! Good stuff! There's always good stuff going on over there at Dawn's! Go. Look. I'll be here while you peek...

I have just a few journally pics to show from my prayer journal and also my bullet journal (I love my bujo!!)

This one inspired my Valentines Love Bookmark giveaway on the Blueberry Loft.
(If you left me a comment, you won a bookmark--send me your addy's!)

Pen+Peplum's #52Handlettered prompt-Places to visit
in my bullet journal

My December and January daily journal also in my bujo--February is under way!
And a shot of my two love lumps basking in some winter sunshine--all these two do is sleep!
That is my RJD offering this month. I'm hoping to have the week's Grace Awakening post up tomorrow--if not, it'll post next weekend. It just depends on how our day goes here. More snow is on the way for the next four days (that oughta keep me out of the hair salon! Haha!) I will be busy making bookmarks for a few days anyway! Suzie and Cecelia--I'll be looking for your addresses (Dawn, I gotcha! Haha!) Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Workin' On It #17

Life is finally getting back on track here since Juno blew through last week. Mister has gone back to work, Little Mister has gone back to school. Once more my brain has some semblance of sanity with which to create...So, I did up a couple sets of printable bookmarks for the Blueberry Loft:
These were created with the Journaling Bibles in mind. They can be printed out and glued into the margins for those who are worried about ink bleed through, or for others who just aren't quite artistically inclined. Or, they can always be printed out for use as regular book marks for bibles or otherwise!

Then I did a second set geared toward planner people--a little planning inspiration to help 'mark your spot'.

A couple doodled quotes for a Sakura giveway and Pen and Peplum's weekly hand lettered prompt.
I have a couple journal pics to share BUT! Friday is Random Journal Day over at Dawn's so thought I'd wait and share on Friday for the link up party! Ooooo---a teaser! Haha! For now I have to see if the driveway and car are thoroughly encased in ice or not and get a-scrapin'! Stay warm, my friends! See you soon!