Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tears and Joys

Well, it's been a rough week, to say the least. We had to say good-bye to our sweet Ruby on Monday. That crushed my heart to let her go even though I knew she was ready. She went so peacefully. I held her in my arms, heard her last sigh, kissing her sweet face the entire time, soaking her fur with my tears. I miss her terribly but I am thankful she's not struggling or suffering any more. She's off playing with her sister Willow, happy and whole--we will see them again someday in a much better place.
Our Boo girl sunning on her blankie Monday morning...

Then as life would have it, our Tucker turned three yesterday, so we had to celebrate in spite of sadness...I picked up a couple chewie bones for him to share with Pea. He, of course, gobbled his in less than a minute, then moped while Sweet Pea took her own precious time, daintily nibbling on hers. I swear she went slower just to torture her brother...

Back when he was but a babe:

A face that just speaks trouble...
And now three years old--and still full of trouble and mischief!
I did finally break out the sketchbook and play a little. I did an exercise from Joanne Sharpe's online lettering course from Facebook:

I still need to color it, bringing it along with us this weekend so maybe I'll get to play then...
And a couple Scripture doodles from my Whispers of Hope prayer journal:

We are heading to New Haven, CT to celebrate thirteen years of crazy wedded bliss today. We're attending the first annual 4B Fest (the four B's being: Bourbon, Bacon, Beer, and Barbecue) Bill is beside himself, he's so excited! And I am happy for him. This is his version of a night with Stephen King, which he sat through for me the year before last, so I get it. His sister and her hubby who live in New Haven are coming with us, so it should be a lot of fun. I'll only be partaking of two B's--the bacon and barbecue, but that will be plenty enjoyable for me!
But first, off to hit the water for a row this morning, and Bug has to go bowling, then we're off! Have a great weekend--I believe we certainly will!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

Well here we are in the middle of March already...This year is going by way too quickly! I'm hoping to go rowing this morning but there's the threat of rain coming our way--grrr...Toes and fingers crossed!!
But, to catch up on the week here, I have a few Scripture doodles to share from my Whispers of Hope prayer journal. I've really been enjoying this process and believe I'll have to continue on with the same formula once we're finished--after all, I'll have the rest of the journal to fill up, right?

Then! I got the loveliest surprise in my mailbox last week!

Stillman and Birn sent me three of their premium sketchbooks to review for Melissa's product review blog--so excited!! But of course, crazy perfectionist that I am, I have to take my time and play around with my ideas first before breaking into these beautiful books. Fortunately, Stillman and Birn must realize some of us arty people have commitment issues, and they also sent me a few paper sample packs:
Omigoodness! Such delight!! The packs include samples of each of their six different papers, so I can play on each and determine my favorite or favorites (haha--all of them!!) What joy! I had just the hardest time trying to decide which sketchbook I wanted to play with first and finally settled on the Delta series with its creamy colored paper, thought that would be a fun background to work with rather than the usual white. Delish! So now...what to do???

Well, in the spirit of these Scripture doodles I've been doing, I thought I'd do a names of God sampler doodle along the lines of a project by Flora Chang in Jenny Doh's Creative Lettering book. I had done this piece last year when I first got the book:

And I've had this cover from a church program that we used to go to where we lived in TN--four, five years ago? I just love it and kept it tucked in one of my Bibles.

Pulled it out and did a practice piece in my Strathmore mixed media sketchbook:

And then I did a work up on the Delta paper sample:

I've almost finished the final page in the actual sketchbook, but that you'll have to wait to see in my review! Too fun--thanks Stillman & Birn!!

And it's time for a little breakfast before I have to skedaddle to the waters--have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!
Until next time...xoxo

Friday, March 7, 2014

RJD Day!

Well, it's Random Journal Day over at Enthusiastically Dawn and I kinda hoped to find an old journal to share from only to discover after a mad search of the entire house that not a single journal found its way to MA in our last move *gasp!* That's rather heartbreaking. But, then, thinking about how we had to pay buy weight, I let a lot of precious things go...*sigh*...So, let's not look back but ahead! I figured I'd just post some pics of the Scripture doodles in my Whispers of Hope prayer journal I've done this week:

Definitely enjoying finding the Scriptures that speaks to the day's prayers and fitting them in that remaining space and I love watching this sketchbook journal fill up!

In other arting news, I've started to prep for National Letter Writing Month, which is just around the corner in April! Yay! Yesterday I cut out over fifty postcards from leftover cereal/snack boxes. Today I spray inked some pretty envelopes, then cut others out of a local map and taped them together with colorful washi. I have a stash of Bug's old Mad magazines to make more envies from. I printed out some postcards from the art I did last year. I kind of got frustrated last time, after spending so much time hand drawing and painting individual cards only to never hear back from some participants. So I've decided to invest less time in making cards and instead will send out pretty printed cards in groovy map and magazine page envelopes, and saving the more personalized art for the folks I know send out their own beautiful handmade pretties. The bottom line is to send out as much fun mail as possible with the least amount of stress and aggravation, right? That's what I'm going with this year anyway! And I'll post more pics from all of that craziness a little later on.

For now, it's time to run. Swing on over to Dawn's to check out more journal love--and until next time...xoxo!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Characteristics of a Servant According to God's Heart

I received this little "Meet Me in the Meadow" perpetual calendar by Roy Lessin free from Dayspring when I signed up for their Heart Connection Card Club earlier this year and it's full of Scripture and inspirational quotes-I love it. I keep it on my nightstand and read each day's post just before bed.

The other day's reading listed the characteristics of a servant according to God's heart--and it really struck home at how far I still need to go in this walk of Christian growth. I know I'm not anywhere near being perfect, but I'm also not anywhere near being the best Christian I can be either. Thank goodness I can work on it!

The list of characteristics:

The presence of the LORD rests upon his life.
He loves what God loves.
He seeks God's purposes.
He's fearful of displeasing God.
He inspires trust.
His word is true.
He is deeply identified with God's feelings.
He does not minister legalism or licentiousness.
He is wise in his walk.
He takes people beyond themselves.
He despises anything that hurts others.
He proclaims his dependence on God.
He is well balanced.
He is efficient, but not at the cost of others.
His life is in order.
Jesus is his audience.
He knows how to bear injustice.
He loves the truth.
His goal is to know God, and make him known to others.
He is not satisfied if he doesn't give his best.
He is an optimist, not a pessimist.
His greatest passion is Jesus.
He delights in giving.
Others say of him, "That is how my God is."
He doesn't exploit others.
He respects other servants.
He is always learning.
He loves being nothing.

Some of these I've got down-I'm good. But a whole lot of others I really need to work on! This could be printed out and put on the fridge as a reminder and checklist of how my walk is doing today, right? Definitely some positive goals to work toward, at least!
I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
~Phillipians 1:6

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pics from the Day

We've had just a really great day. It started with an early morning row at seven-thirty, saw eight little seals while we were out. Came home and ran a couple errands, then off to lunch at my favorite Fairhaven Diner, Jake's--best chowder, hands down. I love that place! So while we were in the area, hubby drove us to Fort Phoenix so I could get a little beach break--yeah, I get to row all the time but we leave from the docks and I just really need a good beach fix once in a while--surf, sand, seagulls...the essence of life...
Bug in the low tide, Butler Flats way out in the distance...

I love seagulls

Ice on the rocks
Then! As we were driving home, we stayed down along the river and came across this flock of swans...we'd never seen so many swans together at once! Bill thinks there were close to fifty on the water...

Back out rowing tomorrow--I hope...we may or may not get some snow tonight, but as long as it's warm enough we can always head out! Life is good :)

Until next time...

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Just have a few quick photos to share today--a couple from my Whispers of Hope prayer and Scripture journal, and a couple from my Draw Your Awesome Year journal...

I was worrying that I wouldn't keep up with Whispers of Hope, that I'd peter out--especially with the new Hello Mornings winter challenge just starting last week and I've taken on a greater role as an accountability coach this time around. I thought maybe I'd bitten off more than I could chew--but so far, so good, and with God's good grace I'll keep on keepin' on! But, just a couple Scripture doodles to share for the week:
This Scripture came from the Hello Mornings challenge--it was just perfect for a doodle page!

So much wisdom in Micah...
And my Draw Your Awesome Year February heart grid all filled in except I somehow missed a few days?? I'll have to go back in and fill them with little love quotes or doodles...Still pretty--drawn in Sharpie and colored with Tombows:
This morning Joanne posted our March grid lesson: pretty little leaves outlined in happy shades of spring green! I didn't even think I'd get to look at the new lesson until the house cleared out on Monday (weather permitting--another big storm is heading our way Sunday night and I have a feeling I'll have a Bug glued to his PS3 all day...) But, lucky me, hubster took our kiddo to bowling this morning then out for lunch and new shoe shopping and I got to stay home and play! So March is all set for the month--it'll be fun to watch it all fill up...Again, Sharpies and Inktense layered with Prismacolors...

Time for a little salad and a movie...Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Until next time...