Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #8

Welcome back to Workin' On It Wednesday! I actually got quite a bit done this week, at least Scripture doodle wise...maybe not so much other things, but you gotta take what you can get, am I right?
Trying to play a little more with embellishments this week...definitely something I still need to work at but having fun with it as I learn:

I even got some tangling time in and did up a couple cards for our snail mail group:

On the home front this week: I am so close to thirty pounds down I can taste it!! I missed running yesterday due to some stomach yuck during the night, so knocking out a few miles this morning before heading to the dock to row. I'm rowing twice Friday morning as I forgot I was subbing at 8:30 when I called to sign up for the 6am row...and I have a feeling that will be when the Charles Morgan arrives, unless it sneaks in today. Rain in the forecast tomorrow...I'm praying I get to row out with the club to welcome her home whenever she does come! I might be rowing my little arms off this weekend! But then, nothing would make me happier! Looking forward to the week full of festivities and celebration!

Summer is really off to a beautiful start, the weather has been sunny and warm, not a smidge of humidity. Bug is finally done with school, finishing his third year in a row of perfect attendance and honor roll--super proud mama right here!

Well, time for breakfast and running so thanks for swinging on by--happy summer! Have a great week! See you next time...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #7

Good morning lovelies! Thanks for swinging by to visit! I had hoped to have a little more to share with you this week but it was a hectic weekend with Father's Day, and yesterday I had a horrible headache most of the day. I did get some goodies out in the mail but my Scripture journal had to wait until I was feeling better and more capable of being 'in the moment'...I did get a couple verses done earlier this week:

Enjoying playing with this new lettering I've come up with...
Having a fabulous fitness week--I'm closing in on thirty pounds lost! Yeah! My running is picking up speed, Tucker and I get a little bit farther a little faster every day, which feels GREAT! Going rowing this morning and tomorrow after dinner (I've never done an evening row...Can't.Say.No. LOL) and again on Saturday. I do miss our seals--just one more reason to love winter...
School is ALMOST out. I swear we're the last ones out every year. Tuesday is their last half day--hallelujah! And we're still waiting on the neurosurgeon to give hubby the okay on surgery. Wasting a lot of time on procedures that we both feel are completely unnecessary and certainly unhelpful. But the doctors are milking the insurance for everything they can get, leaving the patients at their mercy. Thanks Obama. Not.
Time to make some breakfast and get these guys up and moving here this morning! Thanks for popping in! Have a great week and we'll see ya' next time!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #6

Here I am, running late again...I actually almost skipped posting this week since I only had one pic as of this morning to share since I'd posted Friday. I don't get much, if any, arting done over the weekend--too many people around, too little time for me to play. But, I caught up a bit this morning since rowing was cancelled, and I thought I'd pop on here quick to share!

A couple Scripture doodles

A birthday card for a friend in our snail mail group
Since Pea appeared here the other day, it's only fair to post a couple pics of my Tucker love!
He gets annoyed if you take his picture too much...very modest dog. I luvz him!!
I've started a page in an art journal to begin Kel Rohlf's Soul Dare 28 Weeks of You (uh, me-haha!) I've also printed out Erin's new zendala dare from the Bright Owl, that hopefully I'll find a chance to play with as well this week...For now, it's lunch time! Off to make the soup! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Buzzards Bay Rowing Club Open Water Challenge

Such a beautiful day for a race--the water was calm, the sun was shining, a soft, salty breeze blowing--it was perfect! Hubby brought the camera along to take some shots:

Me 'n Bug--my future rower!
My teamies! The Open Row Crew!
Lining up

Here we go!
Coming around Butler Flats--it's so awesome to see it up close!

Just a gorgeous day for a race
We finished fourth in our division...kinda where we thought we'd place--the other teams are entirely super serious about these races, we just went for fun--and fun we had. It was a blast! Time spent on the water is never a disappointment! And I'm heading back out to row again this morning--yay me!

Later this month our club gets to welcome the last wooden whaling ship, the Charles W. Morgan, as it comes home for a visit. There's more races, a parade, lots of hoopla to celebrate the homecoming--should be lots of fun. You can learn more about the Morgan here. Definitely looking forward to this!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Journal Day #41

Yes, I'm late again...I overslept--wide awake at two-thirty, I should've just gotten up. But, no--fell back asleep until just before five and an hour of my precious morning time shot to the wind and gone...Not the way to start the day...

However that was quickly remedied by the fact that it is amazingly gorgeous here today--and I hit the water for an extended 90min row with one of my favorite teams--Gone Rowing--so much fun these ladies! It was a great warm up for tomorrow morning's race--I am so ready! The whole weekend looks like it's gonna be fantastic!

But, enough of that--it's Random Journal Day over at Enthusiatically Dawn and I'm so excited this morning afternoon...sorry...Okay, everyone over at Dawn's blog is writing these fabulous spiritual posts, but I have to diverge from that course this month for just a wee bit...I discovered Bullet Journaling this week and I am astonished at how cool--and SIMPLE!! this amazing technique is and how much I've actually gotten accomplished from using it!

So, all right--this is more of a planner related journal post than an actual writing post, but I know many, many of us are planner addicts and I am by no means no exception! Sitting here beside me are, no kidding, SIX planners--not including the calendars on my phone, tablet, and laptop, or my dry erase board where I jot upcoming events and to do lists for the house, school lunch and church schedule calendars both claim space on the fridge...Yeah. I could be a planner-aholic. A little bit.

Earlier this year, I had an inspiration to try to converge all of these planners (one's for diet/menus, one's fitness, one's cleaning/household/appts, one is for mail art, another is for other general art...) and put them all into one convenient planner. I thought I'd design these beautiful printable pages that folks could print out at home and use in their own planners...It was going to be a wonderful, beautiful thing. But now...Bullet Journaling has shook my could forever change my life. A preview of this genius:

And if that's not exciting enough, you can search on Pinterest for even more brilliant Bullet Journaling ideas. The head is swimming with brilliance...

I started mine in the grid journal I picked up on clearance earlier this year at Walmart for my A to Z of Me journal (I made it to B and me...) I'm in awe at how simple of an idea this is and even more so at how much I've managed to actually get done this week from having my To Do's broken down in this manner. And, of course, each day is a different, happy color--haha!
Ah, it's the little things in life...I do have a couple more Scripture doodles from my prayer journal this week:
And I saw this on Pinterest:

So I did this:

And, if you were here for Wednesday's post, I shared I had some inspiration from a doodle that day, and that was this:
Toying around with the idea of this as a tattoo...though I think I need to play with it more first...
And this is just Pea being a ham...silly girl!

If you can, take a moment to swing on over to Dawn's where Kel Rohlf is guest posting this month with a wonderful giveaway! Jump on in to the party and enjoy some journal love with the rest of us!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #5

It's a grey, rainy morning here. Not sure if it'll clear up in time for rowing or not but at least it shouldn't be a complete wash out today--I hope anyway!

First, a few Scripture doodles to share for the week:

Just had a brilliant inspiration from this one...stay tuned...

I'm back to mail arting again (pics would be nice, no?) Just sent in a few handmade envelopes for a swap on Mail Me Some Art and am playing hostess for another envelope swap for our new snail mail group--too fun. I made some really gorgeous envies from a couple old calendars that were just lying around (again, pics would be great...sorry!) Then I discovered a new site, The Postal Society, which hosts more monthly mail swaps...Yes, here I easily distracted...I can't help myself--I love mail art!

In the weight loss area, I'm down another two pounds which takes me out of the 170's at last! I had to get a pair of khaki capris for our rowing race this weekend, which sadly ended up still in a size 12 (I found them at a local second hand store--not paying retail for a size I shouldn't be in anymore!) Scared and excited for the race--wish me luck!

Planning to post again on Friday for Random Journal Day--two posts in one week! Woo! I'm so stoked about a new discovery--I hope you'll come back and check it out! Until then, thanks for stopping by--have a great Wednesday!