Friday, November 7, 2014

Random Journal Day #45

Well, hi there! It's hard to believe two months have passed since my last post (which was September's RJD link up!) And I have a TON of pics to share since I haven't been posting, so I really hope you'll bear with me and forgive me for not keeping up with my weekly Wednesday postings....Life has just taken off on a new turn, I've been limiting my time on the computer in an effort to accomplish more...more. Some days it works. Some days, well, not so much. I have been sharing pics on Instagram and Twitter--which flows over to Facebook....but I am certainly overdue for a blog update! And! If you read on 'til the end, I will catch ya'll up to speed on what is happening next here in Dawn's world! But first--happy Random Journal Day #45! Here's what I've been doing since September:

So, back in February, I began prayer journaling in a simple Daler Rowney sketchbook that I picked up super cheap at the local Walmart (my home away from home...) and here I am in November still at it. I've maybe gotten about two thirds of the way through the journal, so I shall carry on with this praying/doodling adventure! Here are the Scripture doodles I've done these past two months (yeah, there's a LOT!):

Some of the pics aren't so great, but lighting at four in the morning is far from optimal...So! The big exciting news! My sweet friend, Alex, has been encouraging me to take all of this to the next level. I have just bought a couple coffee mugs and a small stack of ceramic of tiles to doodle Scripture and quotes on for coaster sets. I've also bought some ceramic ornaments to doodle Christmasy sayings on as well, and I'm hoping to get some lettering opportunities addressing Christmas card lists or wedding/special occasion invitations--and I've started a new blog (oh yes, here I go again....) over at The Blueberry Loft. You can click on the link to see some of what I'm doing there and I have a couple quick pics to share here (yes, more pics!)

Some addressing samples (not real addresses!) for Christmas cards--please drop me a line if you're interested in having me do your envelopes this year!

I'm still happily mail arting and this little envie was from a Halloween swap for the Postal Society
And finally a zentangled postcard for another mail swap...
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! I hope you enjoyed all the pics and I look forward to seeing you over at the Loft! And do pop on over to Enthusiastically, Dawn for more happy journal love!


  1. OK, the zentangle is RIDICULOUS! detailed. Again...beautiful.

  2. GORGEOUS! Could you please teach me to print like you do? I would love to do these kinds of word drawings (I'm sooo in love with words, doncha' know) but my handwriting isn't quite so sweet and true as yours. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your doodles are gorgeous and would be lovely if you step things up and take it to the net level. They would be truly beautiful adorning coffee mugs etc, and I pray the blessing of the Lord to keep flowing into your hands.

  4. So fun and pretty! I love word art too, but only to look at, cannot do it at all! Best wishes on all your cool plans!!

    1. Hi Susie!
      I tried to comment on your RJD post--so sweet! How precious our little ones are and how fast they grow!! Loved the 'romantic' comment at the end--not YOU GUYS! LOL :)

  5. Dawn- I'm so thankful for your friend Alex who encouraged you to take this to the next level...I can definitely see your delightful scripted Scriptures on mugs at the local bookstore, too! Love it!