Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Journal Day #46

Hi and welcome back to another Random Journal Day where the first Friday of every month journal friends share over at Enthusiastically, Dawn! I am still working in the same prayer journal, a simple Daler Rowney I had picked up at Walmart:
Maybe two-thirds of the way through? With my Nantucket Moby Dick coffee mug
I'm already contemplating the next prayer journal and have decided I need one that will withstand water media so I can play with some color. I've signed up for the 2015 Documented Faith Project and have a mixed media journal already set aside for that-really excited to begin that for the New Year!
I also received this in the mail yesterday:
SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! I've been wanting a Lutheran Study Bible for quite a while but some are fairly expensive--and HUGE! This is a personal size, was reasonably priced, and I am head over heels in LOVE already!!
I'm about to finish up my fourth Bible, Max Lucado's Inspirational Study Bible, a gift from a friend--oh how I love Max's Bibles! But I'm definitely looking forward to this new journey through the Lutheran Study Bible--so many notes and study applications--I am a Bible nerd!!
So, all right--some Scripture doodles from the prayer journal this past month:


And beginning Advent inspiration:

Just a couple more quickies--I've made some bookmarks to share with participants of my New Year's journey through Charles Swindoll's Grace Awakening. So far the plan is to start January 3, working weekly through the book and accompanying workbook (oh my gosh, how I love a workbook! LOL!) If you wish to join me for the study, just shoot me an email and let me know. I will add you to my mailing list for the study and send out reminders as we get closer to starting in January! Oh! The bookmarks:

Front and back
And finally, a quick tile coaster I'd made for my friend, Jenny of Jenny's Sketchbook (so super talented, give the link a click to enjoy her artwork!):

Scripture coaster tiles available for purchase-email me!
And that's all I have to share this time! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I would be so excited to have you join me for the Grace Awakening study, so give a holler and we will share!! Do pop on over to Dawn's journal party for more journal love!

Until next time,


  1. I so enjoy your posts! I cannot wait to get together again and have an artsy day...or whatever we do...that Maurice Font is just becoming my fave. Wonder if it could be mass marketed. lol. Then again...seriously, NO lol. Dear, Dawn I love each of these journal creations and appreciate you sharing your gift with word art with us, I find it exhilarating and inspiring! HUGS!

  2. OH and I just got a great idea for you for the New Year! Dang I need to market my unbelievably idea loaded head...OK, ready? You can do One Word goodies for people. Like buttons for their blogs, and profiles, and also bookmarks, or ? What do you think? My word for this year was Renewal...and yours Focus...I wonder what will be next? I do not know for me, how about you?

    1. Oooo-you are brilliant! 😃 Haven't thought about my One Word yet... need to, um, focus! Lol

  3. Love your doodles so much Dawn! What a totally fun post!

    1. Thanks Susie! I tried to comment on your blog post but I can't get the comment box to come up :( Enjoyed both your posts--on Dawn's and your blog, especially the sweet "Klein Shots"--precious preservation of sweet simple moments that otherwise pass us by and are so quickly forgotten! ((Hugs!!))

  4. Hey, I'm a Bible nerd too! But I hold onto one specific Bible like I'm a little kid and it's my blankie. And I LOVE your various art doodles of scripture. I keep thinking I'll try it, but then I just continue to write my way through my journals. Maybe drooling over yours and others is good enough for now! By the way, A HUGE thanks at the close of another year for what you do to keep RJD humming along. You're the best, Dawn.

  5. Dawn- I admire your doodles too! also want to know more about this Bible nerd you use a different Bible each year...I am a Bible collector...I have many versions and various study genres but I don't use them all...pls share your tips :)

    1. Hi Kel!
      I've read through the CEV, NIV, NLT, and just finishing up the NKJV. I love, love, love study bibles and have been wanting a Lutheran study bible (this one is ESV) for a while since I was born and raised Lutheran, raising my kiddo Lutheran--I thought it would be cool to have! So I am majorly super excited to be beginning this version for next year! Note: I have also tried both the Message and the Voice but didn't care at all for either of those...guess I'm just a little old fashioned and traditional :)