Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Working On It Wednesday #20

Woohoo! Two posts in a row!! Look out!! Since missing last week's postings, I have a little backlog of pics to post (lucky us, eh?) And away we go!

First, a few Scripture doodles:

Then good old lettering practice:

I'm trying to learn calligraphy...trying, anyway...
Bleedy paper and shaky caffeine hand...

I have this new favorite blog, The Postman's Knock. Lindsey writes about all things postal and lettering and pretty. She posts tons of fun tutorials like this watercolor monogram I had to try:
L's are pretty easy to do--haha! I think I like lettering with a paintbrush
more than a calligraphy nib but I'm not giving up!!
 Just some more practice:

 And then a few Pen + Peplum prompts:

Things that soothe
She got me on a coffee kick:

Harry, of course, and a quote I want to do for a friend....if I don't forget!!

The actual prompt was how you like your coffee...

Prompt: On a day off...right?
And I started Mr Mercedes this week...aahhh, King never disappoints!!

That's all I have to share this week....Boats are finally free of ice, so rowing finally resumes once more--hallelujah!! I have the years's first 5k coming up in three short weeks, so I really need to get out there and hit the road. Lots to look forward to!! Have a great week--hope to see you here again soon!


  1. Hey, I just am stopping by because I miss you, at RJD...and in general! BUT, was thinking of you and catching up on Blog reading a bit, so here I am. ALSO...I am on a SM break this week. BUT...sending a hug your way.

    1. Hey lovie! I've not been blogging at all...brain is going off in other directions. Let's get together and play! ((Hugs)) back to you! <3