Monday, January 26, 2015

Mailbox Monday #3

Well, I don't know what happened to the pics of the rest of my mail this week--unless I simply brain farted and forgot to take pics?'s been known to happen. I did have a lot on my mind last week with getting (mentally) prepared for our NYC trip (me? worry? NAH! Okay...yuh....) Nonetheless, I do have a few pics (thank goodness for saving grace...)
This lovely creation is a friendship folder from new penpal Ina from the Netherlands. I've seen so many of these on Instagram lately so I was quite tickled to receive my first one! Now I have to return the favor and make one to send back (and of course others to share with my other beloved penfriends!)

A panic picture taken yesterday when I thought I had zero pics to share...yikes! Again, Ina's folder, a super cute thank you card from new friend, Eileen (adorbs!) and a pair of tie die envelope experiments I made this week that turned out so super cool I'll have to make MORE!!

Outgoing advertisement envie

The two original tie die envies. I started with a pink/red palette for Valentine's day.
Loved it so much I had to break out some purple....
 Okay, the next two have absolutely nothing to do with mail, just my heart....

Look at this giant lump! He's crushed all the cushions to our (er, his!) sofa!

Words simply do not exist for how much I love this dog
Happy Love Heart animated emoticon
A gianormous blizzard is en route for later today, tomorrow, and parts of Wednesday. I've waited all winter for some snow--I didn't think they'd save it all up for one blow out event! And, Bug is off school today for a professional development day, not likely to be going to school Tuesday, Wednesday or even possibly Thursday from the looks of what's about to hit the coast this week...Pajama-rama Week!!
Stay safe! Stay warm! Happy Mailing!!
PS! It is not too late to join me for a Month of Letters! Official mailing begins next Monday! I was asked to clarify: I am NOT assigning pen pals. This is simply an open individual challenge to create and mail 23 pieces of mail love (mailing one piece every day through the month of February-excluding, of course, Sundays and Presidents Day--hence the remaining 23 days...) Zip me a line with your address if you would like to be included on my mailing list!


  1. Wow! What is that thing Ina made? Looks so papery fantastic! Love all your pics and Dawn, your lettering is my ultimate favorite.It makes me so happy to see it!

    1. A friendship folder--a new (at least to me...) pen pal thing. You fill it with all sorts of goodies for the recipient :)

  2. What a lovely thing! Swapping gifts with penfriends can be so much fun :)

    I love your tie dye and your big comfy doggy too :)

    Visiting from Creative Every Day (Number 61).