Sunday, April 27, 2014

God's Hands

Almost two years ago, by chance, I came across this blog, Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith. It resonated with me on so many levels aside from being a Christian blog--the blog author's name was also Dawn, she was from Rhode Island, right close to where we would be moving in MA (as I waited maybe not so patiently for almost nine months without my hubby who was already here...), and she has ocean sounds playing in the background...I would click on this page and just let that sound wash over me and my broken heart.

2012 was not a great year for me. As I just said, hubby was here in New England for nine months while I was back in PA with our kiddo waiting for the house to finally sell. I was having seizures almost daily and going through all these crazy medical tests to find out what was causing the seizures. An MRI  finally showed severe narrowing of my spine and a crushed vertebrae threatening permanent paralysis which had me rushed into cervical spinal fusion surgery mere days later to rebuild my neck. That was followed by a few months of painful physical therapy--still with no hubby, just a terrified little boy who worried his mama might die.

God saw us through that year with the blessing of my amazing friend, Missy, who went to every doctor appointment and medical test and emergency room visit--and, as fate would have it--later that year we would both move out of state in opposite directions, Missy to VA and we finally made it to MA!! Craziness...I know God was there the day Missy came into my life and I know He was there the day I came across Dawn's blog, as well.

Dawn and I continued to connect online. We followed each other on Twitter and Facebook and I tagged along as Dawn moved her blog to Enthusiastically, Dawn. We worked our way through Beth Moore's 70 day devotional, Whispers of Hope earlier this year, and then yesterday we were blessed with the opportunity to finally meet face to face as Dawn was hosting an (in)RL conference at her house! I was excited and nervous...I'm not brave about meeting new people--it frankly scares the bejeebers out of me, and I woke up feeling rather yucky and headachey, thinking maybe I should just stay home inside my safe little shell...But Dawn encouraged me, hubby pushed me, and out the door we went to Rhode Island!

It was a beautiful, if rainy, drive, over crazy steep bridges connecting all these cute little islands that make up the Rhodey state. I lost count of all the lighthouses and gawked at great ships, peeked at beautiful houses perched over amazing ocean views...Yeah, Rhode Island is an awesome, gorgeous chunk of US! Finally we made it to Narragansett and pulled into Dawn's driveway. Her doggie, Banjo, barked from the livingroom window, and Dawn came out to greet us. All my nerves washed instantly away and I was so glad I came! A couple more friends gathered with us for the conference, we giggled over coffee and chocolate as Banjo snored contentedly on the floor beside us.

The afternoon slipped by so fast and it was time to head back home. I hugged my new 'in person' friend good-bye, so thankful for this day to meet face to face. I'm already looking forward to spending time with her again, maybe here, maybe there--I know there'll be beach involved!! God is good, so very, very good!


  1. OK, so I am trying to comment again! Dawn, so grateful for you! I can't believe that God allowed us to get together in real life. How perfect is He! You have been a blessing online and now I feel blessed to know you in real life. ANd also you are the first blogging friend I got to meet in person! I was blessed beyond belief by both you and your family! Yes, we will be getting together and I look forward to spending more in real life time with you sharing our stories and connecting!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am almost in tears as you describe this wonderful meeting. I too, am a devoted Internet friend with our Dawn of Rhode Island. We recently added skype to our communication and it was so fun! I am so glad you got to be at this gathering and now I am happy to know you for myself. Susie

  3. Wow! What a time you have had, but how sweet of God to bring friends into your life for just the right time. He is so good and I love that your husband pushed you to meet your friend. Beautiful story!

  4. This is so wonderful, Dawn! What a beautiful story. Love the power of connections and the gift of friendship! Internet can be a powerful tool for good.

  5. I want to cry after reading this! This is so sweet to share. Thank you. We too moved a little over a year ago and then went on to face a very difficult year for so many reasons... some of our storm is not yet over but we are pulling through thank GOD. Hearing your story encourages me. Also I too and very afraid to meet new people sometimes and my tummy will get in knots! What if I do not measure up? What if they do not like me? Ect ect! I am happy you where brave and went this really did encourage me. I live in Raleigh NC but my husbands family lives in RI. I hope someday when we visit that I can meet you and Dawn!

    1. That would be so awesome! Any excuse to get together and play is always welcome! :D