Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday

It's a rainy wet Wednesday here which woefully means no rowing--wah! Which also means I have a little free time on my hands and in my brain, so I thought maybe this would be a great day to begin a weekly accountability post--who knows,  if I stick with it, I may even come up with a cute little blog button...maybe...

But, that's getting ahead of myself--one baby step at a time...I'd like to have a bit of accountability for a few different areas of life: weight/health, art, and Christian growth--and maybe finances, but that's not something I'm comfortable writing about publicly, so I'll have to do that on my own.

Today I'm beginning a Biggest Loser Challenge on Spark People. I've hit a serious wall working the Skinny Rules. I lost seventeen pounds and stopped, so I need to do something different. I'm hoping this challenge will give me the shove I need to get off the plateau and back to losing again--workin' on it!!

I also have a pretty cool project in the works that I'll hopefully be able to share with you here soon. I've prayed for a project like this, God answered, and now it's up to me to follow through. So my one word for the year, Focus, is of ultra importance and of the essence right now. Today is the last and final day of National Letter Writing Month, so I'm not taking on anymore arting challenges, projects, or classes until I see this project off on an official launch--pray for me?? I would truly appreciate it!! Yep, workin' on it!!

As for Christian growth--I need to let go of resentments. Confessional time. I am a great big giant grudge holder over the most ridiculous things--personal slights and affronts that quite possibly are all just in my own tormented head. It honestly holds me back and keeps me from enjoying so much more of life because I feel so bitter about the stupidest things. So, taking a deep breath, realizing it's NOT all about me after all, and...letting least let it go....Workin' on it!!

Have a great Wednesday, and a wonderful week ahead! I hope to be back to post for Random Journal Day this Friday and link up with Dawn. Maybe you'll consider joining us in the fun? It'd be great to have you at the party!

Until next time...

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