Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lotsa Goodies

Okay, first an apology for the blog whiplash...I'm giving Blogger one more try since I'm not quite sure how to really personalize Live Journal and I have projects under way that I'll really need more pages and options to play with on a blog, so back again, back again...Hopefully this'll be the last move (oh, we've said THAT how many times before??)

Anyway--so much to show you this week!! First, it's our final week in Whispers of Hope and it's all winding down so fast! I have a few more Scripture doodles to share--and I do intend to carry on with this prayer journal even after the study in Whispers of Hope is done, though I may only do one or two verse doodles a week...we'll have to see how that plays out....But here's this week's:


AND!! It's National Letter Writing Month!! So far I've sent out almost twenty cards and I've received fifteen. I have a really wonderful pen pal this year, Melinda Jakobovits, who makes the most adorable dolls and she sent me this little sweetie:
Isn't she just the cutest in her little postal cancellation dress??
 And this beautiful stitched card is another favorite that showed up in my mailbox just today!

You just never know what lovelies will be waiting for you!
A little sampling of the great cards I've received
Most of the cards I've sent this year have been printed versions of cards and art I've done previously. I did sit myself down and tangled this card for one of our participants today (and it just happened to address the weekly Diva's challenge to use initials for a string, just not my initials but the initials of the person I made it for! So tricky...hahaha!)
It's been FOREVER since I've done any tangling!
And not to be left out of the creative loop, my honey built me a little birdie condo for all our busy nesters outside--he's so awesome!
I've named it Blueberry Place
So, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back and checking in! I promise to really stick with Blogger and try to figure out the bugs to make this blog work...Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. You have been very, very busy with beautiful stuff. Your challenge tile is lovely, great for the person who gets it.