Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #10

Good morning friends! I know I missed last week and couldn't skip two weeks in a row, so--since it's raining and I can't sneak out for a run until later--I figured I ought to take advantage of the down time and whip up a quick post.

I've really been in a bit of a funk again lately--uninspired creatively...just not sure what I want to do and not feeling like doing much of anything. This too shall pass, no doubt--just have to wait it out.

Some pics from the past couple of weeks (you can see how unproductive I've been for two weeks!) First, the Diva challenge last week was to use the pattern, Crux, which the first picture is an example of variations of the pattern (not done by me):

I love grid patterns so had to give it a go, only I went off in a different direction and came up with this:

I've decided to name it as a new pattern Dayzee
I managed to get a few Scripture doodles done in my prayer journal:

I loved playing with this trinity/mirror image

My cursive is really sad...

I finally realized that mixed media paper would make great envelopes--not too heavy or stiff for mailing purposes but sturdy enough to take on water media! Can't wait to play more with this!

Fitness/diet wise: I'm still losing and just got into my favorite super cute, super skinny size 8 shorts yesterday which felt unbelievably good!!! I was pondering what to wear this weekend for the Southcoast Artists Open Studio Tour (yes, it's that wonderful time of year again!!!) and thinking there was no way I'd get the shorts up over my thighs, I still tried them on and was beyond thrilled to find they actually fit again!! Then I went and bought another cute pair of shorts to wear instead--so silly, but I honestly only have two 'nice' pairs of shorts since I wouldn't wear them with fat legs. I think I'm overdue for another pair!
I'm on week six of my 10k training which is 4miles/4miles/5miles. I ran 4.25 on Monday, plan to run 4.5 this morning if the rain will let up--I love a rain run but it's torrential out there and I'm not interested in drowning...tackling the five miles on Friday and then I've signed up for a 5k on Sunday--my first road race since TN...that's entirely too long! Signing up for three more--two 5k's in August and a 4.1 mile race in September. The 10k I want to run isn't until October, so this is motivation to keep on moving!! I think I'm most excited about having race T-shirts again! Haha!
So there you have it, my two week recap. The rain is slowing down so I think Tucker 'n I will head on out of here now. Have a fantastic week!! Hopefully I'll have more to share with you next week!
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