Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #12

Our Wi-Fi connection seems to be getting worse and worse lately. Pages taking forever to load, if they even do--feels like we're back on dial-up except when the bill comes and I'm paying for way more than dial-up!! Not making me happy...But I'm hoping I can get this posted this morning as we'll be pretty much gone the next couple of days. Hubby goes in bright and early tomorrow for his back surgery--we're both getting to be anxious wrecks...We've been waiting months for the go-ahead and now it's finally happening, we'll be glad when it's over and his recovery begins!
I have a few quick Scripture doodles to share this week:
From another song I keep hearing when I'm out running...

I want to do a Love series after last week's 1 John 4:19 doodle...

Wondering if I should add the pink hearts...?
I did up a few envelopes in preparation for something to keep me occupied at the hospital then ended up writing out all the letters yesterday and mailing them...Hoping I get some more mail today! I'll have to bring a book or two to read while we're waiting...

I'm up to six miles now for my 10k training. I didn't quite make it on Monday before it started to rain--giving it another try this morning. I'm off the water all week until Sunday when I'm subbing for a friend who's away for a week in Acadia (jealous!!) So running is my sanity this week--and, speaking of, it's that time!

Thanks for stopping by--do keep Bill in your prayers for a successful surgery and an easy, speedy recovery! Hope to see you here again next week-God willing!


  1. Prayers going up for you and Bill.

  2. Prayers, hugs and hellos! Love the top doodle. How is Doodlebug son? You are rocking the running! Go, go, go!

    1. Haha--thanks! He's good--such a trooper sitting at the hospital all day with NO WIFI!!! Bless his little heart...Hopefully Bill will come home today <3