Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #11

Well, I haven't had an overly productive week-my mail stack is overflowing but I'm tackling it day by day. I did manage to doodle a bit in my prayer journal through the week:

I think I hear this song every morning on K-Love when I'm out running and had to doodle the chorus

This Scripture gave me such strength and peace this week, so thankful for His unending love!
I did have a great weekend--Saturday I drove to RI to meet my friend, Dawn, for the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour and spent the day cruising Tiverton and a bit into Little Compton enjoying beautiful art as well as gorgeous scenic views. Sunday I ran in a 5k and beat my previous 5k time by more than a minute and a half--whew!! Next week hubby will finally have his back surgery so I'm taking advantage of this week to get some summer fun in with Bug and check off a few much needed things that might not be as easily done once Bill's home for his recovery and we're housebound for a while.

I also just finished up a twelve week long Biggest Loser Challenge on Spark People and lost a total of 19lbs over the duration of the challenge--much thanks to Bob Harper's Skinny Rules, rowing and running! I'm feeling great and continuing towards my final goal weight. I have three more road races coming up in August and September and lots more fun planned with our rowing club! Ain't no stoppin' me now!!

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh, girl! So much blessing in one day with you! Congrats on besting your time and also on doing so well sticking with your goals and getting yourself healthy and fit. You look fabulous, and hopefully feel as good, if not better! Enjoy your time with that sweet boy of yours. I want to know when he hangs the picture! Hugs, my friend. Love, Dawn PS - thanks for everything! Can't wait for our next adventure whether rowing OR art touring!

    1. We hung his picture the next day--he really loves it! And I made nine gorgeous envies from the poster :) So glad you came with us! Let me know about rowing. Surgery is on the 31st, so I won't be going out for the open row on the 1st but probably the next week...Hope all is well with you guys! <3