Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tears and Joys

Well, it's been a rough week, to say the least. We had to say good-bye to our sweet Ruby on Monday. That crushed my heart to let her go even though I knew she was ready. She went so peacefully. I held her in my arms, heard her last sigh, kissing her sweet face the entire time, soaking her fur with my tears. I miss her terribly but I am thankful she's not struggling or suffering any more. She's off playing with her sister Willow, happy and whole--we will see them again someday in a much better place.
Our Boo girl sunning on her blankie Monday morning...

Then as life would have it, our Tucker turned three yesterday, so we had to celebrate in spite of sadness...I picked up a couple chewie bones for him to share with Pea. He, of course, gobbled his in less than a minute, then moped while Sweet Pea took her own precious time, daintily nibbling on hers. I swear she went slower just to torture her brother...

Back when he was but a babe:

A face that just speaks trouble...
And now three years old--and still full of trouble and mischief!
I did finally break out the sketchbook and play a little. I did an exercise from Joanne Sharpe's online lettering course from Facebook:

I still need to color it, bringing it along with us this weekend so maybe I'll get to play then...
And a couple Scripture doodles from my Whispers of Hope prayer journal:

We are heading to New Haven, CT to celebrate thirteen years of crazy wedded bliss today. We're attending the first annual 4B Fest (the four B's being: Bourbon, Bacon, Beer, and Barbecue) Bill is beside himself, he's so excited! And I am happy for him. This is his version of a night with Stephen King, which he sat through for me the year before last, so I get it. His sister and her hubby who live in New Haven are coming with us, so it should be a lot of fun. I'll only be partaking of two B's--the bacon and barbecue, but that will be plenty enjoyable for me!
But first, off to hit the water for a row this morning, and Bug has to go bowling, then we're off! Have a great weekend--I believe we certainly will!

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