Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #8

Welcome back to Workin' On It Wednesday! I actually got quite a bit done this week, at least Scripture doodle wise...maybe not so much other things, but you gotta take what you can get, am I right?
Trying to play a little more with embellishments this week...definitely something I still need to work at but having fun with it as I learn:

I even got some tangling time in and did up a couple cards for our snail mail group:

On the home front this week: I am so close to thirty pounds down I can taste it!! I missed running yesterday due to some stomach yuck during the night, so knocking out a few miles this morning before heading to the dock to row. I'm rowing twice Friday morning as I forgot I was subbing at 8:30 when I called to sign up for the 6am row...and I have a feeling that will be when the Charles Morgan arrives, unless it sneaks in today. Rain in the forecast tomorrow...I'm praying I get to row out with the club to welcome her home whenever she does come! I might be rowing my little arms off this weekend! But then, nothing would make me happier! Looking forward to the week full of festivities and celebration!

Summer is really off to a beautiful start, the weather has been sunny and warm, not a smidge of humidity. Bug is finally done with school, finishing his third year in a row of perfect attendance and honor roll--super proud mama right here!

Well, time for breakfast and running so thanks for swinging on by--happy summer! Have a great week! See you next time...


  1. I like the pictures of the Bible verses.I found the story of the Charles Morgan interesting.

  2. I'm here from RJD. I really enjoyed viewing your blog, your art is beautiful, spiritual, and inspiring!