Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #5

It's a grey, rainy morning here. Not sure if it'll clear up in time for rowing or not but at least it shouldn't be a complete wash out today--I hope anyway!

First, a few Scripture doodles to share for the week:

Just had a brilliant inspiration from this one...stay tuned...

I'm back to mail arting again (pics would be nice, no?) Just sent in a few handmade envelopes for a swap on Mail Me Some Art and am playing hostess for another envelope swap for our new snail mail group--too fun. I made some really gorgeous envies from a couple old calendars that were just lying around (again, pics would be great...sorry!) Then I discovered a new site, The Postal Society, which hosts more monthly mail swaps...Yes, here I easily distracted...I can't help myself--I love mail art!

In the weight loss area, I'm down another two pounds which takes me out of the 170's at last! I had to get a pair of khaki capris for our rowing race this weekend, which sadly ended up still in a size 12 (I found them at a local second hand store--not paying retail for a size I shouldn't be in anymore!) Scared and excited for the race--wish me luck!

Planning to post again on Friday for Random Journal Day--two posts in one week! Woo! I'm so stoked about a new discovery--I hope you'll come back and check it out! Until then, thanks for stopping by--have a great Wednesday!


  1. OH love these as always...I so want to join in and do these mail things too, but until things get settled around here, a bit more I can't even seem to get one piece of mail in for a very sweet friend. ACK! Hope all is well, and I totally get the distraction factor. I was thinking a Skype Date may be in order, so throw me some time and day options for this week or weekend...or whenever. Let's plan to connect soon via Skype. ;) Say hi to your hubby.

    1. Yes! A Skype date would be great! I'm rowing in a race Sat am, then we're off to pick up a new cage for Loki so the babies can have his current cage. Tomorrow or Sunday could be good? Bill says hi! Hope things are getting better with Kat <3