Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday #7

Good morning lovelies! Thanks for swinging by to visit! I had hoped to have a little more to share with you this week but it was a hectic weekend with Father's Day, and yesterday I had a horrible headache most of the day. I did get some goodies out in the mail but my Scripture journal had to wait until I was feeling better and more capable of being 'in the moment'...I did get a couple verses done earlier this week:

Enjoying playing with this new lettering I've come up with...
Having a fabulous fitness week--I'm closing in on thirty pounds lost! Yeah! My running is picking up speed, Tucker and I get a little bit farther a little faster every day, which feels GREAT! Going rowing this morning and tomorrow after dinner (I've never done an evening row...Can't.Say.No. LOL) and again on Saturday. I do miss our seals--just one more reason to love winter...
School is ALMOST out. I swear we're the last ones out every year. Tuesday is their last half day--hallelujah! And we're still waiting on the neurosurgeon to give hubby the okay on surgery. Wasting a lot of time on procedures that we both feel are completely unnecessary and certainly unhelpful. But the doctors are milking the insurance for everything they can get, leaving the patients at their mercy. Thanks Obama. Not.
Time to make some breakfast and get these guys up and moving here this morning! Thanks for popping in! Have a great week and we'll see ya' next time!


  1. Dawn M: Thank you for the updates about your family.Blessing upon you.

  2. I think we need a skype date ! Want to catch up in real life and also plan our get together now that I am back from vacation! Say Hi to your boys!

    1. I'm game! Running around this morning--groceries, dr visit for Bug, home rest of afternoon...same tmrw, Wed-morning running, errands, but afternoons are good, early evening--in bed by 7 since I'm getting up at three now. Holla!! And hi to your crew! Glad you're home!