Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

Well here we are in the middle of March already...This year is going by way too quickly! I'm hoping to go rowing this morning but there's the threat of rain coming our way--grrr...Toes and fingers crossed!!
But, to catch up on the week here, I have a few Scripture doodles to share from my Whispers of Hope prayer journal. I've really been enjoying this process and believe I'll have to continue on with the same formula once we're finished--after all, I'll have the rest of the journal to fill up, right?

Then! I got the loveliest surprise in my mailbox last week!

Stillman and Birn sent me three of their premium sketchbooks to review for Melissa's product review blog--so excited!! But of course, crazy perfectionist that I am, I have to take my time and play around with my ideas first before breaking into these beautiful books. Fortunately, Stillman and Birn must realize some of us arty people have commitment issues, and they also sent me a few paper sample packs:
Omigoodness! Such delight!! The packs include samples of each of their six different papers, so I can play on each and determine my favorite or favorites (haha--all of them!!) What joy! I had just the hardest time trying to decide which sketchbook I wanted to play with first and finally settled on the Delta series with its creamy colored paper, thought that would be a fun background to work with rather than the usual white. Delish! So now...what to do???

Well, in the spirit of these Scripture doodles I've been doing, I thought I'd do a names of God sampler doodle along the lines of a project by Flora Chang in Jenny Doh's Creative Lettering book. I had done this piece last year when I first got the book:

And I've had this cover from a church program that we used to go to where we lived in TN--four, five years ago? I just love it and kept it tucked in one of my Bibles.

Pulled it out and did a practice piece in my Strathmore mixed media sketchbook:

And then I did a work up on the Delta paper sample:

I've almost finished the final page in the actual sketchbook, but that you'll have to wait to see in my review! Too fun--thanks Stillman & Birn!!

And it's time for a little breakfast before I have to skedaddle to the waters--have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!
Until next time...xoxo

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