Saturday, March 1, 2014


Just have a few quick photos to share today--a couple from my Whispers of Hope prayer and Scripture journal, and a couple from my Draw Your Awesome Year journal...

I was worrying that I wouldn't keep up with Whispers of Hope, that I'd peter out--especially with the new Hello Mornings winter challenge just starting last week and I've taken on a greater role as an accountability coach this time around. I thought maybe I'd bitten off more than I could chew--but so far, so good, and with God's good grace I'll keep on keepin' on! But, just a couple Scripture doodles to share for the week:
This Scripture came from the Hello Mornings challenge--it was just perfect for a doodle page!

So much wisdom in Micah...
And my Draw Your Awesome Year February heart grid all filled in except I somehow missed a few days?? I'll have to go back in and fill them with little love quotes or doodles...Still pretty--drawn in Sharpie and colored with Tombows:
This morning Joanne posted our March grid lesson: pretty little leaves outlined in happy shades of spring green! I didn't even think I'd get to look at the new lesson until the house cleared out on Monday (weather permitting--another big storm is heading our way Sunday night and I have a feeling I'll have a Bug glued to his PS3 all day...) But, lucky me, hubster took our kiddo to bowling this morning then out for lunch and new shoe shopping and I got to stay home and play! So March is all set for the month--it'll be fun to watch it all fill up...Again, Sharpies and Inktense layered with Prismacolors...

Time for a little salad and a movie...Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Until next time...

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