Friday, March 7, 2014

RJD Day!

Well, it's Random Journal Day over at Enthusiastically Dawn and I kinda hoped to find an old journal to share from only to discover after a mad search of the entire house that not a single journal found its way to MA in our last move *gasp!* That's rather heartbreaking. But, then, thinking about how we had to pay buy weight, I let a lot of precious things go...*sigh*...So, let's not look back but ahead! I figured I'd just post some pics of the Scripture doodles in my Whispers of Hope prayer journal I've done this week:

Definitely enjoying finding the Scriptures that speaks to the day's prayers and fitting them in that remaining space and I love watching this sketchbook journal fill up!

In other arting news, I've started to prep for National Letter Writing Month, which is just around the corner in April! Yay! Yesterday I cut out over fifty postcards from leftover cereal/snack boxes. Today I spray inked some pretty envelopes, then cut others out of a local map and taped them together with colorful washi. I have a stash of Bug's old Mad magazines to make more envies from. I printed out some postcards from the art I did last year. I kind of got frustrated last time, after spending so much time hand drawing and painting individual cards only to never hear back from some participants. So I've decided to invest less time in making cards and instead will send out pretty printed cards in groovy map and magazine page envelopes, and saving the more personalized art for the folks I know send out their own beautiful handmade pretties. The bottom line is to send out as much fun mail as possible with the least amount of stress and aggravation, right? That's what I'm going with this year anyway! And I'll post more pics from all of that craziness a little later on.

For now, it's time to run. Swing on over to Dawn's to check out more journal love--and until next time...xoxo!


  1. Love your artsy take on our journaling prayers for whispers! Also I am intrigued with your postcard madness! Will you share some in a post, they sound interesting! National Letter Writing Month sounds cool too! Love the lettering...will need to practice, SOON. Thanks for being the first link, now I need to get ready for the party. One more thing - is there any chance the journals are packed somewhere? That must have been hard to let them go if you did! ACk. Hugs, Dawn!

    1. Haha--yes, I'll do a postcard/NLWM post coming up--it is madness! But so much fun to find your mailbox overflowing with gorgeous love the entire month of April!

      As for the journals, I looked everywhere I thought they could possibly be. It was our first move that we hired professionals (after four previous moves all done ourselves--bleh!!) and I was scared of how much it would cost paying by weight, we had SO much stuff!! I left A LOT behind, donated a dozen boxes just of books to Goodwill *sob!*...all my lovely pretty pretty plants that I loved so much....I thought I would've brought at least SOME of the journals but I can't find a single one :( Lots of prayers and memories all gone... Oh, that makes me SAD!!! And I still want to move to ME to a smaller house someday....we never!

  2. Dawn- I love your doodles! And I love the idea of getting fun art in the mail...will definitely check out this April Madness! I am weeping with you over those lost journals...maybe God has an unexpected surprise and some how they will find their way home to you! I sure hope so! Happy Journaling and Art making!

  3. Dawn: I like what you did with the Bible verses. This gives me an idea for my one wall I am creating. Enjoyed the verse from Psalm 18.

  4. Such a fun way to personalize your prayer journal! Love your style a lot. If I lost or left behind my life's worth of journals, I'd be a mess!

  5. Sweet! I love these. The creativity, the balance of word and art and word AS art. Living. Wow, to have lost them...yes, like Susie, I'd be a mess, too. May they turn up unexpectedly, somehow, I pray for you!