Monday, February 2, 2015

Mailbox Monday #4

It's been a much better mail week, in spite of our blizzard Juno, who left us digging for days under three feet of snow:
Gorgeous blue sky and mountains of snow!

Our street is under there somewhere....
We have a fresh 8-12" coming today and into tomorrow. It's good to know winter has finally fully arrived--a little late, but not holding back one bit of what we've been missing through our earlier portion of the season!

So--incoming goodness!
At long last--this finally appeared in my mailbox yesterday after we'd given up hope thinking it'd gotten lost as it had been mailed out more than two weeks ago. Which gives me hope that a missing letter I'd sent to the Netherlands may still find its way there! But! This joyous arrival is from my dear friend, Alex, from the UK--envie made from a map of where she and her sweet hubby stayed this Christmas in Maine! (So very jealous!! But so very happy to see this safe into my hot little hands!)

A bright happy envie and letter from new penpal Bea in Spain

And another awesome friendship folder from Cynthia here in MA
and a beautifully hand decorated envie from Elizabeth in the UK!
And outgoing this week (in no particular order...):
A letter back to Bea--so happy it's February and I can use my new super cute Valentine washi!
So sad to have to use a Christmas stamp but the post office is still waiting for the new 2015 international design to be released, so gotta use what we can get for now!

A happy package of the most adorable washi tape that Beth and I split for a double order from
Aimee over at Artsyville! She hosted a super clearance on her tape designs, Beth and I couldn't resist!

Pretty in Pink letter back to Cyn

Not a great pic but the paper I used for a label has issues with marker adherence?
Playing with pretty border doodles...

And last but not least, a birthday card for my sweet friend Missy!
Love and miss you!! Hope you had a super great day!
And today begins our Month of Letters! I hope everyone has their pen, paper, and stamps all set and ready to get writing! I've got a nice little stack of cards all addressed and ready to go--if you signed up, watch those mailboxes!

All right--have a super great week! I'll be playing in the snow again! And sending out lots of happy mail love! Thanks for stopping by--hope to see you all again soon!

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