Monday, February 23, 2015

Mailbox Monday #7

I had another quiet but very inspirational mail week. Monday, of course, was a holiday, and Tuesday we were still recuperating from the latest snow storm, so that was three days in a row of no mail--gah!! Alas, Wednesday made up for it when I found this bonus stash filling my mailbox:

Sweet Mail Delight!!
First, a belated Christmas giftie from my friend, Dawn! An adorable journal, cute, cute cards of the family and a super fabulous Sharpie pen (I had to include the box knife in the pic since Dawn super taped the box shut! Haha!)
A stash of Valentine goodness from Eileen:
And this beautiful geniusness:

I love mail art. Seriously and truly. I've been piddling around with pretty handmade envies and fussy lettering, but it's not all out mail art. Brian's work totally inspired me to knuckle down and MAKE ART again. Brian is @sirlapsley on Twitter and Instagram if you want to give him a follow--great stuff!

So, I made a couple art cards over the weekend:
One is winging its way to Brian...
And in other mail this week, an outgoing envie to my friend Beth:
Who in turn sent me this lovely envie and letter:

 And so I replied with this Animalia envie:
Oooo--a Harry stamp!!
 And a couple watercolor and resist cards I made during Sunday's bout of insomnia:
Super fun to do!
Now I'm all caught up on mail but have a few lettering projects to work on today--yay! But first it's time to get the Bug up and ready for school, scrounge up a little breakfast and visit the treadmill for a quick run--gotta get the day under way!
Happy Monday!!

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  1. What a great mail haul! :). Loved all the colorful & cheerful mail in the mailbox. Much better than junk mail!