Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WOIW #19

Just a quick post this morning before I head down to the treadmill for a run. I don't have much to show for my week--been a bit busy shoveling snow every day...But I did get called to do a painting job which was a whole of fun last week. A friend of a friend has a painting business and a particular client had asked if they could have their mantel painted to match their living room furniture. Since this was a little out of their wheelhouse, they offered the job to me and I jumped on it--I love that kind of work!

Before, the furniture to match, and after:
Nothing super complicated, a fun morning that paid really well, and who knows--it could possibly lead to more such opportunities??
First the weekly Pen+Peplum #52handlettered prompt--every day essentials:
And one quick Scripture doodle--I must've had a quiet prayer journal week....but I did get a second set of Scripture bookmarks done for the Blueberry Loft Etsy shop. I've sold a few sets on there--it's always great to get those sales confirmation emails from Etsy!
I'm planning on lettering practice for a while--I really need to work on my's just not what I want it to be yet. Practice makes perfect!! So, run, shovel, a couple errands, then lettering--not a bad day, eh? Thanks for stopping by--have a great warm and cozy day!


  1. Dawn, Glad you are weathering the storms. We will have record-breaking low numbers for the high temps. I received the bookmark the other day. Thank you.
    Be careful as you shovel snow. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Oh good--so glad it arrived! Stay warm and safe Cecilia! :)