Monday, February 9, 2015

Mailbox Monday #5

 It's not been a bad week for mail here. I've had several pretty envies coming and going:

Incoming from Tracy and Beth--from our Snail Mail Society, and a Postal Society swap from Singapore.

A cute matching card and envie from Denmark
Incoming from the Netherlands and outgoing to Sweden

Outgoing to India--not only does this girl have the longest name I've ever heard,
her address was crazy complicated!
A street next to a hotel...?? Seriously--that's how her addy reads...
We'll see if it makes it there!
Front and back of Alex's envie heading to the UK--we both love Frenchies!
Playing with her name is always fun!

And outgoing responses to Beth and Tracy--Beth's a pink tie die envie for Valentines and Tracy's, below, a copied page out of Graeme Base's Animalia

Last but not least, a lovely lettered envie for a blog contest winner at my friend, Dawn's blog.
I have a few of my own entry winners to mail out this week as well!
February's Month of Mail is well under way! I've sent out one or two letters and cards each day so far and I hope if you're playing along, you're keeping up with the challenge as well! Everybody loves happy mail! Have a great week! School is cancelled again as another 6-12" of snow is heading our way...looks like I'll be shoveling today! Cocoa, jammies, and the Walking Dead! After mail of course!

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