Monday, February 16, 2015

Mailbox Monday #6 and Neptune

If you know anything about me, you know I love snow and a good blizzard is just my thing--everything completely blanketed in snow, the world covered in white as far as the eye can see. But Neptune has been one vicious storm. I don't know how much snow it dumped on us--I do know I've been shoveling over four foot drifts, trying to toss snow on banks above my head. The wind chill is killer cold. Just listening to it whipping around the house and through the trees feels ominous and honestly a bit worrisome at times. A few pics from shoveling yesterday--and I haven't even made it to the street...
Their previous path had been obliterated, Tuck couldn't find his way off the patio.

Abort mission.

Maybe a tag team effort is a better ploy...

Pea almost couldn't turn herself around....minor pile up on the way back in...

Our fence is just about gone--and that's not from the snow plow--the bank from the plows is beyond the fence--and they haven't even gotten close to our street yet
That's a whole lotta snow...

I don't know what this guy was thinking--he was tearing the nesting stuffings out and chewing on the holes--like, you're still not gonna fit yourself in there, dude! Leave my sparrow babies alone!!
But, it is Mailbox Monday today! I wouldn't be getting any mail again today even if it weren't a holiday...I've not gotten mail on a Monday for over a month now because of the repeated snow storms!

One little incoming from my friend, Beth. I've gotten more than that this week, this just happened to be the only pretty decorated envie:
Beth is the washi queen!
And now I need to head back out into the bitter cold to try to make some headway to the actual road if Bill's gonna make it to work today...I hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty!! Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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