Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Workin' On It #17

Life is finally getting back on track here since Juno blew through last week. Mister has gone back to work, Little Mister has gone back to school. Once more my brain has some semblance of sanity with which to create...So, I did up a couple sets of printable bookmarks for the Blueberry Loft:
These were created with the Journaling Bibles in mind. They can be printed out and glued into the margins for those who are worried about ink bleed through, or for others who just aren't quite artistically inclined. Or, they can always be printed out for use as regular book marks for bibles or otherwise!

Then I did a second set geared toward planner people--a little planning inspiration to help 'mark your spot'.

A couple doodled quotes for a Sakura giveway and Pen and Peplum's weekly hand lettered prompt.
I have a couple journal pics to share BUT! Friday is Random Journal Day over at Dawn's so thought I'd wait and share on Friday for the link up party! Ooooo---a teaser! Haha! For now I have to see if the driveway and car are thoroughly encased in ice or not and get a-scrapin'! Stay warm, my friends! See you soon!

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