Saturday, February 7, 2015

RJD #48

I'm running  a day behind here this week. I haven't been feeling 100%, my neck and shoulder are giving me grief. I really need to go rowing but the harbor is a sheet of ice and it's been too bitter cold to be safe out on the water. So, we sits...Instead, I went and had all my hair chopped off yesterday (what happens when I have entirely too much time on my hands...) But, I like it!! I was way overdue for a new look. Mister loves it, Little Mister hates it--but he always hates my hair, so this is nothing new. Now I'm tossing around color ideas--and not plain, neutral browns or blonds to blend my ever increasing greys, but possibly a super vibrant red--or purple! Something artsy and daring...It is only hair, after all! We'll see...Good heavens, I really need to row!

So, it is (the day after) Random Journal Day over at Enthusiastically, Dawn's. Her guest this month, Jeannie Pallett, is offering a giveaway if you wanna pop over and check it out! Good stuff! There's always good stuff going on over there at Dawn's! Go. Look. I'll be here while you peek...

I have just a few journally pics to show from my prayer journal and also my bullet journal (I love my bujo!!)

This one inspired my Valentines Love Bookmark giveaway on the Blueberry Loft.
(If you left me a comment, you won a bookmark--send me your addy's!)

Pen+Peplum's #52Handlettered prompt-Places to visit
in my bullet journal

My December and January daily journal also in my bujo--February is under way!
And a shot of my two love lumps basking in some winter sunshine--all these two do is sleep!
That is my RJD offering this month. I'm hoping to have the week's Grace Awakening post up tomorrow--if not, it'll post next weekend. It just depends on how our day goes here. More snow is on the way for the next four days (that oughta keep me out of the hair salon! Haha!) I will be busy making bookmarks for a few days anyway! Suzie and Cecelia--I'll be looking for your addresses (Dawn, I gotcha! Haha!) Have a great weekend all!


  1. Dawn: I love your drawings. I am drawn to the valentine one for 1 John 4:18 I've been going from depressed to kind to snarky, lately. Mostly due to the weather.
    Email me at I will respond with my address.

  2. Now you have me wondering if you have purple hair or not! Thanks for joining the RJD thingy Dawn!

  3. How much do I love your journal doodles? And the Bullet Journaling we need to discuss...I was in Swansea MA. last week...almost to New Soon! Pajama party at your house! lol.

  4. Dawn- I love the places you want to visit...congrats on your hair and the Blueberry Loft! Stay warm!