Friday, February 14, 2014

Artful Friday

What I have to share this morning isn't really Paint Party Friday material but I wanted to do a quick post of what I've been doing creatively this week. I'm still hard at work trying to catch up with Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Year course--so much fun to doodle and experiment...loving watching my book come along!

I believe Joanne chose a Strathmore Mixed Media Journal to illustrate the classes, but I had a brand new Canson Mixed Media Journal in my stash of art toys and decided to use that rather than spend more money on more toys...It never ends!! It's worked out beautifully so far--here's the pages I've worked on this week:

Of course that book list will grow throughout the year, along with more goals and projects...
Sharpie and Inktense

I know we don't travel much--it's hard with three dogs and five birds to leave behind, but we do have a couple things on the calendar which I've penciled in and will illustrate later on...This will be fun to fill up!
Drawn in Sharpie, colored with Tombows

A page for quotes and notes and dreams...
More playing with my Towbows--love the brilliant color!
Birthdays, anniversaries, special happenings...

I have lots of coloring to do yet!
Clearly not finished--but Joanne gives tips on creating pretty little art journal vignettes that I can't wait to play with!
Click above if you'd like more info on this great class and more at
Whimspirations with Joanne Sharpe!

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