Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scattered Life Collective

current time: 7:26am

on the menu: Mushroom Barley Soup for lunch, Cod with a Cucumber/Radish Salad for dinner

out the window: Lots of snow and ice

reading: (still) George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons--I'm so afraid to get to the end!! I don't want to have to wait for Winds of Winter!! And totally have an all time favorite fiction moment: Dany flying away from the fighting pits riding Drogon--my heart just soared away with her!! Aaahhh!!


Watching: Downton Abbey--oh please let Edith find Michael!!

Good Things
  • Rowing. I didn't think we'd actually go out yesterday morning at 14 degrees and a windchill of 2, but we did! Seals were EVERYWHERE! It was so amazing. Back out later this morning--at least it should be in the twenties :)
  • A trip to Braintree to get my eyes checked--yeah, gettin' the progressive bifocals so I can see to work on my arts
  • Lunch at Hingham Beer Works sitting right next to Hingham Shipyard--so beautiful
  • Walking out on Long Pond. I never walked out on an iced over pond--kinda scary but so cool!
  • Ezekiel bread-and Market Basket has it!
  • Market Basket
Around and About
20 of the Most Unbelievably Beautiful Places on Earth
And this: Artist Spends Up to 8 Hours on Beautiful Sand Paintings That Will Be Swept Away by the Wind

All right--the hubster's up and wants on to play. Have a fantastic Sunday, whether you're watching Downton, the Dead, or Beatlemania tonight--gonna be a fight for the remote!!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn, just popped over to say Hi from The Scattered Life Collective. I'm really loving this meme and getting to read about other's lives, which comfortingly run parallel with each other it seems! Like minds and all that...
    It's good to meet you, yes, yes, I'm rather late getting around... sheepishly, I just finished my post and finally hit the publish button! lol!
    Look forward to seeing you next week!
    Beth P

  2. Hey there! Thanks for sharing. I am a bit late getting around to read the posts this week (having brought the creeping crud home with me from our family vacation) ...

    I haven't caught up on Downton Abby yet. We've been recording it hoping to watch with my husband but he hasn't been home much lately. May have to watch without him.

    Oh my ... those beautiful places ... UNREAL. I can't stop looking.

    Thanks for sharing!