Thursday, February 20, 2014


I haven't been feeling 100% this week. Not sure if I've gotten a little bug or a cold coming on, but I've been grumpy and lethargic and not exactly great company (hubby's happy he gets to escape every day for work! Haha!) Hopefully getting out on the water this morning to go rowing will help put a little spark back in my butt--I could also use a good beach walk if the weather would give us a break...fingers crossed!

At least I've taken advantage of this 'down time' to work some more on Joanne's 'Draw Your Awesome Year' classes--so much fun! And I finally finished a few of the lessons in my journal:

Learning how to create vignettes and dress them up with lettering, cool layouts and borders

Also having fun playing with my Tombows, Aquamarkers, and Inktense pencils

Hope to move on the Illustrated Words and Dimensions lessons later today, but first--breakfast, water, happy!  Smiley
Have a great day! And, until next time...

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