Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scattered Life Collective

current time: 5:51am

on the menu: Patti's Pierogies in Fall River if the roads are clear enough!

out the window: a heaping TON of SNOW!! I'll be shoveling before anybody goes anywhere!!

reading: just finished week two of our ten weeks of devotional prayer with Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope with some friends over at Enthusiastically Dawn, and thought I'd share a few pics of the prayer journal I'm working on for this book:

Each day's page follows Beth's P.R.A.I.S.E formula and then, space permitting, I doodle a little verse:


Watching: The Walking Dead is finally back!!! I never thought I'd watch this show but I'm utterly hooked on the characters and story--it's so crazy good!

Good Things:
  • Snow!
  • love how it stuck to the wipers--haha!

  • the moon is beautiful this morning!

  • Pea's belly trail
  • this dog and his pillow love:
  • rowing, in spite of icy waters--sounds like you're pulling through a slushie. Sadly we had to pull another boat out yesterday needing repairs, so the club's down to one for a while...
  • get my grannie glasses today--is that a good thing?? If I can art without blurriness then it is, I guess. Still don't like getting old. Meh.
around and about:
a new garden
Better Than Fiction: 16 Mind Blowing Landscapes On Planet Earth!
and, haha--matching monsters!

Thanks for stopping by--have a great week! Until next time...


  1. Had to drop by right away! love seeing your prayer journal. I have been having the same conversation since considering this book, which is why I enlisted you and others in the blogosphere to cheer on and to be cheered on to the finish line. Totally. We can do it! We just keep swimming, and telling ourselves that! Ok, so I took the dog out this morning and took a picture of the moon too... so funny, we think alike in so many ways! Look forward to face to face time... and let's try the Skype thing. I saw you tried, but it is on my tablet which I use sporadically - use the big skypless computer mostly. So just need to plan. Time for us! When you can no pressures.

    1. I'd definitely love to Skype--we just need to figure out when :) Bundling up and heading out to clear the driveway and patio--stay warm girlfriend!! :)

  2. Love your post Dawn. And the snow photos are awesome!
    Much the same view out our back window, complete with the doggie belly paths. I haven't touched my blog in months -- you are an inspiration to get back at it.

  3. HI there ... I am FINALLY getting caught up on visiting those who posted in the Scattered Life Collective the past few weeks. Thank you for playing along!

    the earth landscapes took my breath away. Simply stunning!