Sunday, February 2, 2014


Immediately after declaring my One Word for 2014 to be Focus, I found a link to join up for a Month of Letters. Mail Art!! The challenge is to send one piece of mail every day through the month of February. I've already signed up to participate in National Letter Writing Month in April again--and I had second thoughts about that, so why I would jump at another month of mail madness RIGHT when I decided I needed to FOCUS more this year is clearly the enemy trying to distract me from that goal. I do love snail mail and making mail art and sending that love out into the world, but that is certainly not what I need to be doing at this moment in time. I have paintings to work on, just started a prayer art journal I want to delve into, and I really don't need the distraction of another frivolous, not to mention expensive with the increase of postage, mail challenge. So, I am reneging on the Month of Letters and stopping to reflect more on just what I need to focus on, what it is that God would have me do (*virtual smacking of a ruler on my knuckles--bad me!*)
To focus our minds on the human nature leads to death,
but to focus our minds on the Spirit leads to life and peace.
~Romans 8:6
No one ever said this was gonna be easy...
Until next time...

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