Monday, February 3, 2014

Giving In Gracefully...Sort Of...

It's been coming for a while now, as much as I didn't want to admit it. It's gotten harder and harder to focus (there's that word again...) on anything up close. And when I'm arting, it's all up close. I love super intricate itty bitty detail work and I typically sit all hunched over, my nose practically on top of whatever I'm working on--well, almost that close. But, blurs. Bad. Lines split, I can't get it to come together--frustrating. Then. Mr. Optical Man Hubby caught me. Trying to read the directions on the back of a package of noodles one night for dinner. He laughed. The audacity. The nerve!! Tilting my head back, holding the package farther away, squinting...really??

"You need bifocals." Smirk.

Evil eyes flash in his direction...albeit blurred evil eyes...Oh the humanity!!

So off we went Saturday to find me some new eyes. I wanted something funky and cool. know you're getting old when readers are your new cool...*sigh* First stop at CVS only found $15 Foster Grants (you do know I'm a giant cheap wad, right?) Pass. Big Lots--that was the place!! So much to choose from! I couldn't decide on just one, so I got two--one a little stronger than the other, justified by a.) the price--one pair was $3, the other $5--sweet! And b.) I work at different table heights, requiring different magnification levels (at least in my head--and we all know I live in my own little world in my sweet head) I paint at the kitchen table, but do most of my lettering and drawing tucked under the coffee table in the living room. So, one pair is with my drawing stash and I popped the other pair in my paint brush cup (which also helped nicely with my bible study this morning--these things are all kinds of handy!!) Wanna see??

It's all about the temple love--shazah!!
It's a little weird adjusting to how big they make everything look when writing and drawing. And forget about trying to watch TV at the same time--super crazy blurry. Next step--a new eye exam and progressives....It just never ends...

Until next time...

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